Hosted telephony
and messaging solutions
for effective
business networking



Enjoy telephone network services in your office without installing any equipment or wires. Use IVR, incoming calls distribution and custom call handling scenarios.


Get multi-channel local phone numbers and toll-free numbers. Save money with our low rates.


Make free and secure calls, exchange text messages and files with your employees and other subscribers of our network.

How to subscribe

  1. Create a single account dodidone.

  2. Select the services you need.

  3. Start to use.


Join dodidone now and enjoy first year free access to our services.

Benefits of virtual telephony

Lower costs

A hosted PBX doesn’t require any purchase or installation of specific equipment or telephone cables. Working over the Internet, you can save from 20 to 80% on your telephone bill!

Get started at once

All the services of your hosted PBX are available as soon as you register and credit your account. Our network is fully scalable: add employees, manage services, add new offices.

No ties to your physical location

Location is irrelevant! No matter where your company is located — you can move, open new local offices, or even work without any office at all — your telephone service will always be there for you and your clients.

Custom call handling

Provide top-notch client service using multi-channel phone numbers, IVR and call handling scenarios.

Phone numbers in other regions/countries

Use local phone numbers in other cities or countries to expand your business base.

Bring your branch offices closer to each other

All your employees, regardless of the number of offices your business might have, will be connected to your company sole virtual telephone network.

Benefits of dodidone dodicall


dodidone dodicall network subscribers have access to file exchange messenger. It use is free of charge within your company as well as within our entire network.

Mobile application

Install the dodidone dodicall mobile application on your PC, tablet or smartphone, and enjoy VoIP and all our other communication services from any place in the world with internet access.


We use the latest state-of-the-art data protection systems to guarantee the confidentiality of all your voice and data communications.

Easy set-up

Manage all system functionalities without wasting time thanks to our intuitive interface. Take advantage of our free offer to test it today!


You will get free year of access to the all dodidone dodicall services as soon as you register.