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Reliable & Secure Cloud Data Storage

Cloud storage is a safe and convenient method of storing your documents

First Year Free

Always at Your Fingertips

You can work with your files from any device – your computer, tablet or smartphone


Secure transfer and storage of your data by carrier grade networks which provide maximum protection

Access Offline

Continue working with your documents even if you find yourself without Internet. All changes will be automatically saved as soon as you are back online

File Sharing & Collaboration

Share your documents and work with them together with your colleagues and business partners

Revision History

Previous versions of your files are always saved - you can restore them at any time

Store Any Type of File

You can store any file format in your dodibox – documents, spreadsheets, images, videos and music

Auto Sync

Files are automatically synced across all of your devices while you work with your files online

More than just data storage

dodibox is just one part of the unified dodidone hosted platform. Get yourself connected to the hosted PBX, set up your operations & start trading online.

First Year Free