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Emails with increased levels of protection

Safe and convenient environment for your work emails on any device

First Year Free

End-to-End Protection

Correspondence and attachments on your device remain secure with the state-of-the-art solution and are fully protected from any unauthorized access by any third party*

*Certain countries may apply restrictions to encryption

Emails with Your Company Domain

Enhance your company’s image by creating emails with your own domain, such as:

Convenient Web Interface and Apps for iOS & Android

Your emails are always with you - on your computer, smartphone, in the office or on the road

Third Party Email Support

Prefer working with emails in a familiar environment? Then there is no need to change that. dodimail supports any third-party email services through IMAP & POP3

Mail Forwarding

Consolidate multiple email addresses from other email providers in dodimail and access them using one account

Spam Filters

Concentrate on what’s important and we shall take care of the unwanted messages

Automated Mail Sorting

Become more productive, set up automatic filters that will sort your emails by sender or contents

Automated Replies

If you are unable to respond in person straight away, autoreplies will keep the dialogue between you and your business partners open

More than just a mailbox

dodimail is just one part of the unified dodidone hosted business platform. Get yourself connected to the hosted PBX, set up your operations & start trading online.

First Year Free