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dodioffice is a service package by dodidone which includes server facilities, network resources, and software, and is designed for companies ready to move their IT infrastructure into a "cloud".

Virtual servers

(VPS – Virtual Private server) of required performance and the highest level of reliability

Hosted desktops

(DaaS – Desktop As A Service) with all the software necessary for collaboration and remote access from anywhere in the world

Remote administration

remote administration of the customer's network hardware

dodioffice advantages

No capital costs required for moving of the infrastructure into the «cloud»

Significant reduction in the cost of equipment purchase and upgrade

Software for rent on a monthly payment basis

Easy resource and data management

dodidone server hardware is located in a separate room with restricted access

Only high performance IBM blade servers with 3.3 GHz processors

Hybrid data storage system (SSD + SATA + SAS)

dodidone is an official Microsoft SPLA partner

Service availability 99.95%

Friendly support

All settings made by our experts

High-tech carrier-level Tier 3+ data processing centre

Certificates include ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 14001
24/7 perimeter security
Uninterruptible power supply (back-up cable, UPS, diesel generators)
Automated ventilation, conditioning, and fire protection system
Backup of all communication channels


Virtual servers

Option Price, GBP per month
Processor cores (per 1 core) 8.10
Processor Frequency (per 1 GHz) 2.70
RAM (per 1 GB) 4.00
Disk space (per 10 GB) 1.40
Prices are in GBP exclusive of VAT.

The proposed configuration includes Linux OS and a 100 Mbps Internet link
Please contact us for a quotation if you prefer a different configuration

Virtual Desktops

  Configuration 1* Configuration 2*
OS WIndows Server 20XX WIndows Server 20XX
Office Software OpenOffice, LibreOffice MS Office Standard
Installed software Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe Reader, FastStone Image Viewer, VLC Media Player, PuntoSwitcher, 7zip Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe Reader, FastStone Image Viewer, VLC Media Player, PuntoSwitcher, 7zip
vCPU 1 GHz 1 GHz
vRAM 1 GB 1 GB
vHDD 10 GB 10 GB
Automated data back up
Unlimited Internet access up to 100 Mbps
Dedicated IP address
Price, GBP per month, including VAT 20.20 32.30

* These desktop configurations are suggested as an example.

If you need other combinations of software and server resources, please ask us for an individual quotation.