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dodivoice is an advanced telecommunications service for companies wishing to optimize their communication costs.


A SIP trunk – a communication link to the office PBX arranged over the Internet (IP network) and supporting multiple simultaneous connections

Local numbers

Local and freephone numbers assigned to the SIP trunk


Attractive prices for outgoing calls

dodivoice advantages

Much lower service connection cost and monthly fee as compared to the same number of analog phone lines or E1 digital lines.

Local direct dial numbers in different cities.

Quick Configuration of the Virtual PBX. The client gets access to multiple additional IP PBX features. Comprehensive call forwarding options, extension number plans, voice recording – all this will help you to stay connected, while integration with standard CRM systems will improve the sales performance.

Your phone numbers move where your office moves.

Lower hardware costs, as there is no need to purchase additional IP PBX ports when the number of users grows.

Affordable communication costs. IP telephony prices are well below the prices for traditional communications.

If the customer does not have an office PBX with VoIP support (IP PBX), we offer deployment and maintenance of such a PBX based on either the customer's equipment or our cloud server.
We are also eager to provide advice on the best IP PBX-compatible telephone sets.


Package dodivoice 1 dodivoice 2 dodivoice 3 dodivoice 4
SIP trunk
8/5 support -
24/7 support - - -
IP PBX deployment and maintenance using the customer's resources - - -
IP PBX deployment and maintenance in the dodivoice cloud - -
Price, GBP per month 12.20 from 79.99 from 117.20 from 319.20
Prices are in GBP exclusive of VAT.

Local and National Direct Dial Numbers

Region Numbers Connection, GBP Monthly fee, GBP per month
Local - 1.99
Prices are in GBP exclusive of VAT.

Local and National Direct Dial Numbers

Prices are in GBP exclusive of VAT.