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E-commerce is rapidly expanding as we speak. To compete with the ‘big players’, small and medium sized businesses must be able to adapt quickly to sudden market changes, seek partners in new regions and countries, maintain their networks and close deals. We have decided to amalgamate all of our unique services in a single environment, thus changing the perception of e-commerce & making it attractive to smaller businesses.

And this is how we came up with dodidone – a set of cloud-hosted services which include our trading platform dodidone doditrade, convenient telephony & messaging tools dodicall, secure email dodimail and protected cloud storage dodibox.

Now businesses of any size and scale can enjoy all of the benefits of global online trading. You can create your own online catalogue of products & services, get your team connected, create your own corporate domain, and access your work files from anywhere in the world. All the services that you would previously obtain from different providers, including the trading platform, are now integrated into a single ‘eco-system’ accessible under a single subscription at affordable prices.

The dodidone business model anticipates a variety of corporate structures, from international representative offices to customer service centres in countries of operation; this allows you to operate in sync with local requirements and to understand business norms in any region better.

Communicate, buy, sell – dodidone opens up new horizons for your business growth.

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